David Thorp owns McLeods Booksellers together with his wife Lynne. He took over the business from his father Trevor Thorp in the mid '80's. After travelling the world in the '70's, Dave returned home with a worldly perspective of books and brought his young hippy vibes and environmental and social concerns into the business. His father Trevor was a good old-fashioned businessman who'd bought an established and reputable business which Dave was able to take on and run with. Dave's favourite literature includes travel odysseys, Japanese fiction, surfing memoirs and music books.

Lynne Jones is the co-owner of McLeods Booksellers and joined the shop in 1990. She loves reading both fiction and non fiction, particularly books with an environmental theme, about gardening, or a beautifully written story.

Jemma is the manager and buyer at McLeods Booksellers. She grew up in the Waitoki countryside without TV but with piles of books, which provided great scope for the imagination. Jemma joined McLeods after 4 years experience in Unity Books which instilled in her a love of independent bookshops. She is especially passionate about children's and YA literature and did the children's buying before moving on to buying for the whole shop. She loves any good story, especially something a little magical or set in a circus, and interesting biographies. She has four cats and and enjoys pottery, art, poetry and immersing herself in nature.

Gabrielle / Gaby (BA MMHS) was a long term customer before working at McLeods and has fond memories of visiting the shop as a child. Gaby absolutely loves books of all types and would admit it is somewhat of an addiction, so working at McLeods is a perfect fit. Gaby also enjoys that no two days are the same in the shop. Although Gaby loves being surrounded by books she equally loves the outdoors and loves to get out in nature whenever possible. Taking her two goats for a walk is always interesting. Reading about a variety of topics is what Gaby enjoys most and finds she reads more fiction than non-fiction titles. So many books so little time!!

Michael was born in Gisborne so spent much of his youth in Muirs bookshop reading people like Jack London, Ursula Le Guin and Mervyn Peake. After university he worked at the Horizon bookshop in Lower Hutt. He left to travel and got a job at Belsize books in Hampstead where he met Russell Hoban. The slightly eccentric bookseller in his Turtle Diary is partly based on Mike! He enjoys good writing, whatever the subject, and his interests include art and history. Mike has been with McLeods for 18 years and has enjoyed every minute.

Peter McKellar comes from a background in big ticket retailing and computer support. He found that the best thing about bookselling is that the customers carry the books out of the shop themselves and, as they are spending their discretionary income, are a lot more cheerful about it. He is the non fiction reader in the shop. This is a bit of a phase as he does enjoy good fiction too. However life experience has led him to believe that the truth is usually stranger than fiction. He has a reputation as a bit of a science and computer geek but on looking back, the books that he has enjoyed most are usually biographies. History is littered with individuals who have made their unique mark on the world.