The Siren Song

Author(s): Anne Ursu

Young Adult Fiction

< b> Inside an ordinary middle school in an ordinary city, a small redheaded< P> eighth grader is doing something very ordinary, indeed.< /b> < P> < P> Ever since Charlotte Mielswetzski and her cousin, Zee, saved the world, life < P> has been rather ordinary. Ordinary, that is, if you call being < P> ultramegagrounded (in Charlotte's case) or treated as if you might fall to < P> pieces (in Zee's case) ordinary. Either way, heroes deserve better.< P> < P> Of course, no one knows Charlotte and Zee are heroes. It's not like they can < P> simply announce that Greek myths are real or proclaim they have returned from < P> the Underworld, where they rescued all of mankind from Philonecron, a < P> deranged demigod with delusions of grandeur. Instead, they are forced to keep < P> this terrible knowledge to themselves, and are stuck in a state of < P> extraordinary ordinariness. < P> < P> But things aren't quite as ordinary as they seem. For Philonecron is the < P> grandson of Poseidon, and you don't mess with the progeny of the second most < P> powerful god in the universe. And Philonecron himself isn't so happy about < P> having all of his delicious plans thwarted by mortal children. He wants< P> revenge, and with his grandfather to help him, he is going to get what he < P> wants.< P> < P> For Charlotte and Zee, their not-so-ordinary lives are about to be disrupted< P> once again. This time it's not the world they must save -- it's themselves.< P> < P> In the thrilling second installment of the Cronus Chronicles trilogy, author < P> Anne Ursu brings her trademark wit to a spectacularadventure on the high < P> seas.< P> < P>


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