Einstein A to Z

Author(s): K.C. Fox

Non Fiction

The authors cover all of Einstein's theories, including relativity, as well as his interests outside of physics, and even his favourite jokes.


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"History is always messier than legend. That's why books like this are so helpful..." (Guardian (Life), 19 August 2004)

KAREN C. FOX has written for Science, New Scientist, Discovery Channel Online, ABCNEWS.com, and UPI. ARIES KECK is the health and science reporter for WHYY-FM, Philadelphia's public radio station.

Timeline. Introduction. Absentmindedness. Anti-Semitism. Arms Race. Atomic Bomb. Awards. Beauty and Equations. Besso, Michele. Black Holes. Bohr, Niels Henrik David. Books about Einstein. Born, Max. Bose-Einstein Condensate. Brain. Brownian Motion. Career. Causality. Childhood. Children. Clothes. Communism. Correspondence. Cosmological Constant. Cosmology. Curie, Marie. Death. de Sitter, Willem. Dukas, Helen. E = mc 2 . Eddington, Sir Arthur. Education. Ehrenfest, Paul. Einstein, Elsa Lowenthal. Einstein, Mileva Maric. Einstein Field Equations. Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Argument. Einstein Ring. Einstein Tower. Einsteinium. Electrodynamics. Ether. FBI. Freud, Sigmund. Friedmann, Alexander. Germany. God. Gravitation. Gravitational Waves. Grossmann, Marcel. Hair. Heisenberg,Werner Karl. Hidden Variables. Hilbert, David. Hitler, Adolf. Inventions. Israel. Japan. Jokes about Einstein. Judaism. Kaluza-Klein Theory. League of Nations. Lemaitre, Georges. Lenard, Philipp. Lorentz, Hendrik. Mach, Ernst. Mathematics. McCarthyism. Michelson-Morley Experiment. Millikan, Robert. Miracle Year. Monroe, Marilyn. Mysticism. Myths and Misconceptions. Nazism. Newton, Isaac. Nobel Prize in Physics. Olympia Academy. Oppenheimer, J. Robert. Pacifism. Parents. Patent Office. Pauli,Wolfgang Ernst. Photochemistry. Photoelectric Effect. Photons. Pipe. Planck, Max. Poincare, Henri. Popular Works. Positivism. Princeton. Quantum Mechanics. Reference Frames. Relativity, General Theory of. Relativity, Special Theory of. Religion. Roosevelt, Franklin D. Russell-Einstein Manifesto. Schroedinger, Erwin. Solvay Conferences. Space-Time. Spinoza, Baruch (Benedictus). Stark, Johannes. Switzerland. Thought Experiments. Time Travel. Twin Paradox. Uncertainty Principle. Unified Theory. United States. Violin. Wave-Particle Duality. Women, Einstein and. Wormholes. Zionism. Acknowledgments. Selected Bibliography. Index.

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