Google Speaks: Secrets of the World's Greatest Billionaire

Author(s): Janet Lowe


This book offers an up-close look at the people and philosophies behind one of the most important new companies of our time. "Google Speaks" is an engaging and informative look at one of the most important companies of the twenty-first century. It reveals the amazing story behind Google, a company that in less than 15 years has become a global household name and, in the process, created a new model for corporate responsibility and employee relations. Lowe explores the values that drive Google's founders and discusses how they have created a culture that fosters creativity and fun, while at the same time, keeping Google at the forefront of technology through large, relentless R&D investments and imaginative partnerships with organizations such as NASA. This book also addresses controversies surrounding Google, such as copyright infringement, antitrust concerns, and personal privacy. Janet Lowe (Santa Fe, NM) is the author of numerous books, including the second editions of "Warren Buffett Speaks" and "Jack Welch Speaks". Her articles have appeared in more than 100 publications, including "Newsweek", the "Los Angeles Times", and the "Dallas Morning News".


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Acknowledgments. INTRODUCTION. THE GOOGLE GUYS. Sergey Brin. Russian Roots. American Passage. Educating Sergey. The Road to Stanford. Boy Genius to Adult Genius. Wedding on a Caribbean Sand Bar. 23andMe. Flying High. Larry Page. Cradled in a Computer Culture. Nikola Tesla, Page's Hero. Tesla's Story. The Tesla Car. Motivated by Montessori. The Leadership Program. The Solar Racer. Go West, Larry. Lego-centricity. Mensa Boy. Larry Gets Married. The X-Prize. No More Laundry. The Power of Partnership. Forging the Stanford Connection. A Creative Environment. A Poignant History. An Academic or an Entrepreneur? A Grim Goodbye. Networking at Its Best. Burning Man. ADULT SUPERVISION. The Collective Wisdom of Silicon Valley. He's Been the Rock; They've Been the Rockets. A Man of Influence. Climbing a Different Kind of Mountain. IN THE BEGINNING. The Ultimate Search Engine. Not Inventing, but Improving Upon. Look Around You for Inspiration. How Search Works. Platform Power. Open Platform. GOOGLE BY ANY OTHER NAME. A Blessed Blunder. From Noun to Verb. Playing with the Name. The Google Logo. The Google Doodle. Google Zeitgeist. A COMPANY IS BORN. Yahoo! Drew the Map. The Requisite Garage. The Venture Capitalists. The Elusive Business Plan. Investing in Wild Ideas. Good Ideas Put to Good Use. Dealing with Dark Matter. Aversion to Advertising. Advertising that Delivers Results. Two Ways to Advertise: AdWords and AdSense. Extending the Google Reach. The Science of Advertising. Google Didn't Advertise Itself-at First. Birth of the Google Economy. GOING PUBLIC. "We're Different". The Dutch Auction. Buffett on Google. Berkshire Hathaway's Share Structure versus Google's. The Playboy Interview. Ten Years Later. THE VISION. Make It Useful. The Many Ways to Google. Make It Big. We Serve the World. Make It Fun. Google Users Hearken to the Call. Don't Do Evil. How Google Defines Evil. The Motto Loses Some Shine. Can Free Speech Go Too Far? Make It Free. GOOGLE CULTURE. New Management Style. Ten Things Google Has Found to Be True. Riding the Long Tail. 20 Percent Projects. Perpetual Beta. Fabled Workplace. An Alternative Point of View. Googleplex. Google in Ireland. Top Ten Reasons to Work at Google. The Battle for Brainpower. Guarding the Secrets. GOOGLE GROWS UP. Conflicts and Controversy. Click Fraud. Avoiding-or Not Avoiding-Pornography. Privacy Issue. Advertising Products. Gmail. Street View. Can They Snoop-and Will They Tell? Hello, Human Rights. The Great Chinese Firewall. Principles of Freedom. Copyright Infringement. The Authors' Revolt. Grand Ambitions. The Snippet Defense. Whose Property Is It, Anyway? All About Advertising. The Game-Changing Settlement. Lawsuits Everywhere. Google Gets an Airplane. Google Gets a Satellite. GOOD CITIZEN GOOGLE. Philanthropic Part. Google and the Environment. Renewable Energy Less than Coal. Geothermal Power. Energy from the Sea. Energy-Efficient Googleplex. GOOGLE'S FUTURE. Artificial Intelligence. Onward to Web 3.0. Cloud Computing. YouTube. The Google Phone. White Spaces. THE DOMINANT POWER IN THE INDUSTRY? Google, Microsoft, and the Internet Civil War. The Battle of Yahoo! Gates on Google. CONCLUSION. Lessons from Larry and Sergey. The Traits of Those Who Change the World. Timeline. Glossary. Notes. Permissions.

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